Traditions Staff 2016 Predictions

A new year brings new ideas! Our designers and staff are sharing their thoughts for what the new year will ring in for interior design.

Sharon Garfield on Paint and Decor: The pantone colors for 2016 have me stumped just a little...rose quartz and serenity...seriously??  I may be dating myself but rose quartz looks a lot like a lighter version of mauve. Please not that again!

My thinking is that the light rosy color and that equally light serenity (lilac) will be good as accents only. Black and a little splash of rose quartz work well in many rooms. Besides, its an organic color found in nature: i.e.: geodes, quartz pieces, and stones.

Having said that, I think the neutral colors such as taupes, grays and whites, will stay very strong this year. Can those really ever go out of style? While "organic" is an overused word that hardly anyone understands, I do find that accessories that are copied from natural forms and shapes can go a long way in adding beauty to a room. 

Wayne Freeman on Florals: Adding a touch of nature to any room setting helps to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Just a touch of color using florals will give a room that finished look.

Orchids and succulents are still the most popular and hottest florals in the industry. The texture and finishes used in the production of these florals makes it hard to tell the faux plants from the real thing! I suggest to many clients that they use an artificial orchid for everyday use in their home and switch it out for a live orchid for parties or family gatherings. When the live one dies, replace with the "carefree" artificial one!

Sarah Andrews on Wood Finishes: After several seasons of rough and rustic unfinished pines, we are beginning to see a shift in wood finishes as an overall trend. While "natural" finishes will always be in styles, we are noticing more refined and lacquered finishes in everything from sideboards to bedside tables. Exotic woods such as mango and zebra woods are making an appearance and meld beautifully with other finishes in your room. Mirror and marble continue to be strong contenders in cabinet-fronts and tabletops, respectively. Mixed media, for example -  metal/wood or metal/stone - seem to be popular choices as well.

Olivia Smith on Jewelry: In jewelry, a statement piece is always the way to go. Whether it is a fun pair of earrings, a bold necklace or layered bracelets, the two major trends I predict to continue into this year are the natural look and the glam look. With a natural look, a lot of bone and horns are being used with gold accents. There is also a mix of leather being used that can class up your natural look. Brightly colored gems, tassels, and mixed metals are great pieces that can give you the perfect glam look.