Decor Tip of the Month

These days, decorative boxes come in all shapes, sizes, textures and colors. Boxes used for decorating are made from shiny vinyls, shagreen, faux shagreen, organic elements, bone and horn, just to name a few! Use a box or two in your bookcase, as a centerpiece, on a mantel, beside your bed to hold your jewelry, or on a coffee table to hold your remotes.

Like decorative boxes, urns and jars also have a place in every home. They have been around for well over two thousand years and have had many uses. Just as decorative boxes can fit into bookcases, onto mantels and shelves, and as centerpieces, so can beautiful urns. While upholstered pieces lend themselves to more neutrality these days, urns and jars are a perfect way to make a splash with color. Everyone knows pillows can achieve that as well, but be brave! Add both :)

Check out the boxes, urns and jars we have in stock now at Traditions! Almost anywhere there's a surface, a box, urn or jar will look sharp!